Cyber Security, Privacy & Decentralisation

I am a promoter of cyber security & decentralization. You are exposed to many cyber threats daily, unknowingly. I use cutting-edge security auditing tools to identify these threats and prevent you from being exploited. Let's find out whether you or your organization has already been "compromised" in any form. I also bring the growing elements of blockchain & web 3.0 to your business by developing dApps & making your business web 3.0 ready.


Expert Support To Enhance Your Cyber Defenses

Do you have IT security under control?

Comprehensive IT protection is one of the core success factors for companies that want to be successful in the long term. But hardly any other environment is as dynamic as the requirements for IT security. New information technology, new business requirements, strategic decisions are constantly challenging corporate security. And again and again the question arises for those responsible for security and IT management: 

  • Security Threat Evaluation
  • Improving network performance and security

  • External Practical View
  • Tighten Internal Controls

I would be happy to evaluate your strategic or acute security needs and develop IT solutions with you. Benefit from my experience as a consultant and a researcher of IT security solutions.



Cyber security in the new normal

With remote opportunities, companies strengthen their resilience. Prerequisite: a security concept for remote work. Work is something you do, not a place you go: The Corona crisis has proven the benefits of remote working. If jobs allow, companies will offer their employees a hybrid solution of office and remote work even after the pandemic. Therefore, they now need a holistic concept for data protection and IT security that includes the local jobs.

  • Remote Worker Protection
  • Secure VPN - Isolated sphere in the cyberspace.
  • Data Protection in Home Office
  • Endpoint Security Controls

Do you know which software your employees download at home? Do you discuss this with the IT department? Those responsible for security can often only guess how widespread shadow IT is in their own company. But it is difficult to protect yourself against a risk that you are not aware of.  That's where I come in with implementing security strategies which would eliminate all these risks.


Identity management: the digital "YOU""

More and more cybercriminals are discovering identity theft as a new business model. The aim is to take over an identity (institution/end user/machine) and act in it in order to harm the person concerned. Of course, an insider in your organization could also have a comparable goal. 80 percent of all security incidents are caused by poor handling of privileged accounts. The need to protect availability, confidentiality, integrity and authenticity is constantly growing.

  • Privileged Account Management
  • Smart Cards & Secure Access Control
  • Intelligent Identity Management
  • Your Digital ID: Certificates & Public Keys

If you want to prevent the misuse of a digital identity, you have to generate, store and process the identity data securely. But even when choosing the right password, users are careless. Four out of five data attacks occur due to character combinations that are too simple and hackable.


Challenge: Data protection and compliance

Whether video conference, instant messaging or joint editing of documents: virtual collaboration makes working together more efficient. But there are pitfalls when it comes to data protection and compliance. For example, when it comes to the question of whether data is stored or processed according to German/EU regulations.

  • Securing Employee Data
  • Worry Free Digital Collaboration
  • GDPR Implementation
  • End User Data Protection

It is a veritable minefield: it has never been as complex for companies as it is today to comply with data protection, legal requirements such as the GDPR, but also internal compliance guidelines for handling business and customer data. In addition, the requirements are constantly changing. As an expert in Cyber Security I am upto date with most recent compliance requirements that you should implement in your organisation!


Strengthening Your Defenses: Network Security

Do you have the security of your infrastructure under control? Do your security experts have an overview of your company's network traffic at all times? Do you know which data is currently traveling where? And can you rule out with certainty that malware has already nested somewhere in your systems? Great, then you are a role model when it comes to network protection or infrastructure security. Are you starting to think? You are not alone in this. But you should definitely think about how you will manage network security in the future and protect yourself from cyber attacks. Because your infrastructure is the nerve center of your company and needs all-round protection. 

  • Server Hardening
  • Cloud Security
  • Firewalls
  • DDoS Protection

Cyber ​​criminals mercilessly exploit every weak point in the IT infrastructure, every crisis situation suits them. And the surge in digitization triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic is further increasing the economy’s vulnerability. This means that companies need managed infrastructure security for their information security in order to counteract with a triad of prevention, detection and reaction.  



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